Military Support

A street hockey tournament will be played in Afghanistan in honor of Matt. 

Gary Reagan also had this flag made in Afghanistan. Copied from Matt's sticker and their troop's badge, the message "We Got Your Six" is military for "we have your back"!! 

Matty's Afghanistan Hockey Tournament T-shirts are selling quickly, we have sold out twice and printing #3 is underway!!! Shirts are $10 and will be available at Day Street next week (Nov, 1st), checks payable to Brownie Points.  Please show your support of our soldiers from the Massachusetts Field Artillery Battalion at Camp Phoenix, Kabul Afghanistan as they "PLAY FOR MATT" and raise money for Matt's Rehab and Recovery Fund!! 
Gary Reagan and Scott visit Matt
Gary Reagan (front row far right) of Norwood and the 101st Field Artillery Police Mentor Training (PMT) 5 Supports Matt Brown, back in April they had this photo taken of their "Custom Matt Brown #3" shirt signed by the troop sent to Matty at the Shepherd Center, Matt's reaction was "is this real" it was just what he needed!

Sgt. Tom Latham on the Gar in Afghanistan

Sgt. Tom Latham with son Cam while home on leave.

Back in April the troop made their very own Matt Brown #3 t-shirt to show their support for Matt, that was posted on Matt's Facebook page. They hand delivered that shirt that had been signed by the entire group with messages of Stay Strong, we are with you.

Scott Cherry of Norwood currently serving in Korea also had his entire troop sign their shirt with well wishes for Brownie and it was hand delivered over July 4th.


Joanne Gleason said...

The support for Matty from over 6,000 miles away continues!
These brave guys so far from home and their own familes still find it in their heart to help a fellow Mustang, and fellow Hockey player... AMAZING! Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers come home safe guys!

Ree Donnelly said...

This is absolutely AMAZING!!!