10-15-10:Norwood's Matt Brown receives a round of applause after dropping the puck at the start of Friday's Massachusetts State Police hockey tournament at Iorio Arena in Walpole. Joining Brown are his father Mike and State Police Troopers Mike Martin, left, and Brian McKenna, both 1987 graduates of Norwood High and members of the school's hockey team


On Friday, June 25th 2010, the 28th Annual Marty Walsh Memorial Golf Tournament was held.
 Take a look at more pictures from the event. 

The Greenwich Cardinals finally got to meet Matty Saturday, well some of them. You may recall their story but just in case: Rit Spezzano is one of the Captains who saw Matty's story on FB right after the accident and started fundraising with a "money bucket" they raised $200 the first game, they then got an anonymous donor to donate $100 per goal, well their first 2 games they scored 10 goals, and it has snowballed from there.

On April 10th they had a "Matt Brown Charity Challenge" Hockey game much like the one we had here in Natick the had jersey's made up honoring our Mustang colors, a Blue team and a White team one team named "Matt" the other "Brown" to date the have raised about $27,000!!!
They were playing in a tournament in Marlborough this weekend and given the close proximity asked if they could come meet Matty, and brought him the big fundraising thermometer, as well as a jersey from the game and a GREAT surprise, a Greenwich Cardinals shirt with a "C", they have named him their honorary Captain.

Matt Brown Gala Celebrity Photos with Fans

Courtesy Dan Busler Photography, Walpole, MA

Matt Brown Gala (04/30/2010 7pm - 12 midnight)


Riders Biking for Matt on May 23, 2010

Girl's AAU Basketball Team all wearing #3 wristbands.

Matt's March Madness 24-Hour Basketball
(03/19/2010 3pm - 03/20/2010 3pm)

Norwood High School Friends at Concannon's
(02/13/2010 7pm - 11pm)

The Norwood High School JV Hockey Team Fundraising at the Bean Pot game Feb 2010.