Saturday, May 1, 2010

There are no words that can do justice to the amazing night we had last night! The support shown was a testament to the theme of "family, friends, and community". From the volunteers to the guests and special appearances, it really was an Evening of Faith, Hope, and Inspiration. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who attended and helped in any way. Even more exciting news is that Matt will be coming home this week! There is so much happiness and strength surrounding this event and Matt's return home. Continue to keep him in your prayers and check his website for updates on his progress!


Anonymous said...

I am in Florida and was not able to attend last night. But have been on the phone all morning getting a play by play report on last nights festivities.

First of all. Thanks to all who came out last night and helped raise funds so badly needed. I heard it was, as the kids say, "off the hook".

Second congrats to all of the awesome people who were involved in producing this event. I am in the events business and fully understand what it takes to produce such a complicated event. You should be very proud of your exhausted selves.

Third, thanks to Norwood and the surrounding area. It makes me feel great that the people I grew up with came out in droves and showed they know whats really important in life. Makes me very proud.

And fourth, GO MATT!!!!!!!

Ted Czyrklis said...

WoW what a turnout. lots of friendly faces (mostly old you know who you are)Good food, good music.Great showing for Norwood!

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,
What a GREAT time! You are truly so special to so many, You inspire us all! Way to Go Matt Brown #3...
You show us what is important in life, Thank You!!!
The Piacentini Family
Tony,Lauren,Rob,Tyler and Melissa

Marykarnes194 said...

what a Inspiration you are.
We Love you

Anonymous said...

My Name is Lauren, I live in Rhode Island and don't even own a TV. I had no Idea of the situation until I was asked to participate in a bar flair fundraiser it TGI Friday's in Norwood. There were so many people filling me in on the story and what happened. What has me so impressed is not only the strentgh of this young man and his family, but the community that had so much to say wonderful things all around and the love and support from so many people who were touch and just HAD to find ways to help. I was very glad that I was able help somehow. God bless.

kurtleaf26 said...

Matt, when will you return to Atlanta? As I have something for you signed by a "Hall of Fame " goalie.

See you soon!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I do not even know you but I have followed your story. last night I had a dream that you took your first steps since the injury. I hardly ever remember my dreams so I have complete faith that this will happen with time. God Bless you Matt Brown.